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Wintering, an essential process for the health of your boat

We are in summer, time of enjoyment and in which we get the most out of itto our boat. However, it never hurts to think long-term. When the sailing season ends, it's time to give our boat a break until the good weather returns with the arrival of spring. A few months that can turn into a headache if you don't take appropriate action. It is not enough to throw the canvas, maintenance tasks must be performedessential for the boat to be in perfect condition. When inactivity comes, wintering is the best option. In Marinas of the Mediterranean, we make it easy for you.

Soas if you leave the boat afloat as if you decide to leave it out of the water, wintering tasks are essential to save money and disgusbreakdown-related cough, as well as ensuring the longevity of the moTor. In the Puerto of the Duchess and the Puerto of Marina del Este, we offer a full wintering service, with mo heat sealing taskstor so that everything is perfecto when you return to navigation.

How do we do it?

First of all, one of our mechanics performs the wintering of the moTor. After that, it's time to clean thoroughly and desalinate the whole boat and its belongings. A few days later, with the boat totally dry, begins the process of heat sealing. Lubricated all metals to prevent oxidation, dehumidifiers are put in all rooms so that there is no humidity and the sides are protected and all sharp areas. after, we proceed to cover the whole plastic boat, which will then burn, leaving the boat hermetically protected.

This will stay until you decide to sail again, momento which we will withdraw all the plastic and we will clean the boat so that you find it in perfect condition.

Do not hesitate to make the wintering with Marinas of the Mediterranean. For the health of your boat and to save worries. Contact us.


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