Dear Sirs,,

In line with the Mediterranean Navy's commitment to developing an active and continuous improvement environmental policy, we've done, taking into account the guidelines set by the Blue Flag campaign, Next environmental code of conduct to remind them of the essential rules in this regard:


  1. Make responsible use of radio and navigation instruments, not risking the safety of people and/or boats, Warning, in your case, floating objects or other hazards and in solidarity exercising the duty of relief at sea.
  2. Seek to know and report location and characteristics of sensitive and scientifically important areas, as well as protected nature reserves and ecosystems, to prevent accidental damage to them.
  3. Actively defend the conservation of life at sea. Respect protected spaces, marine mammals and other protected species and do not disturb bird nesting areas. Do not use prohibited fishing or seafood gear, respect the periods of ban and not capture or consume juvenile or immature specimens.
  4. Not degrading the seabed anchoring in sensitive areas or where it may interfere with the activities or equipment of fishermen and seafarers. Regulations relating to diving and underwater fishing must be respected.
  5. Not to acquire or use objects made from protected species (Coral, Carey, Etc.) or from underwater archaeological sites, whose origin or legality is not demonstrable.
  6. Keeping the sea, clean beach and harbour:
    1. Not throwing any plastic material or other rubbish into the sea or the beach.
    2. Not pouring or letting out harmful or toxic liquids, or any other harmful substance within the sea.
    3. Promote and use selective/recycling of solid waste at the port.
  7. Use, whenever possible, products that are not aggressive against the environment (Paintings, Varnishes, anti-fouling, paint removers, Detergents, Etc.). Depositing the remains of paints, boat's oil in the appropriate port containers for polluting waste, favouring recycling or special treatment in a differentiated way to other wasteors or wastewater. Use the facilities at the port to extract bilge water and, in your case, watertight toilets.
  8. Report any attack on marine law to the competent authorities who has knowledge, Especially, accidents and pollution by hydrocarbons or other chemicals of terrestrial origin or the use of illegal fishing gear such as volanta nets, Etc.
  9. Contribute to an environmentally responsible management of my docking port, regular or occasional, in relation to the Blue Flag criteria, compliance with coastal and environmental legislation, saving water and energy, selective garbage collection, Information, education and environmental training of technical staff and port users, implementation of environmental management systems, Etc.
  10. To ensure that your Behavior in everyday life, at home, work and the social community be so Responsible environmentally like at sea, promote or participate in social or institutional initiatives, that promote research, conservation and/or sustainable development of the coastline.






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