Mediterranean Marinas begins procedures for installing solar thermal energy in its ports

Mediterranean Marinas begins procedures for installing solar thermal energy in its ports

• The Group is constantly working on compliance with key aspects of environmental management; environmental information and education and security and services at its three marinas

The Mediterranean marine group, entity that manages the concession of the marinas of Estepona, LA DUQUESA (Manilva) and Marina del Este in Almuñécar, Granada, commitment to further promote the sustainability of its port precincts.
For the Group, the environmental quality of its nautical facilities has been a constant commitment for years. Proof of this is, For example, collaboration continues with the Environmental and Consumer Education Association (ADEAC), the organization responsible for the Blue Flag Program in Spain.

In this sense, the trajectory of blue flags in the Group's marinas speaks for itself: 23 years waving, Respectively, at the marinas of Estepona and La Duquesa and 26 years in The East Navy. Achieving this is a constant fulfillment of increasingly demanding criteria divided into three large blocks: information and environmental education; safety and service and environmental management.
Marinas run by Mediterranean Marinas have ISO standard in place 14001 solid waste and landfill management policy. Also, all its facilities have clean recycling points, hazardous waste with their corresponding signs.
For years, the Group also has created its relevant codes of conduct and good practices for staff compliance, Customers, Local, Visitors, Etc. In addition, organizes annually, at every port and its surroundings, a range of environmental education and awareness activities aimed at fostering respect and care for the local environment.
Currently, responsible energy consumption policies, Mediterranean Marinas is processing the corresponding authorizations to install solar thermal energy for hot water from port toilet showers.

Maintenance Management System Seeking Excellence

Along with sustainability and environmental actions, Marinas del Mediterráneo also has been working for years with continuous planning over time through the Management System that has been in place for the maintenance of the facilities of its ports.
It is a preventive plan that aims to, on the one hand, optimize own resources and, On the other hand, seek excellence in both customer service and the quality of customer service and facilities.
As indicated by the Chief Operating Officer of the Mediterranean Marine Group, Alejandro Suanes, "With good management of a marina you can optimize resources so that all maintenance is planned and organized, which decreases the corrective maintenance required".

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